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Vpuniverse and FP!!

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Ok, I would like to understand something, because I notice something in particular that makes me think,that is, what sense does it have for a site, dedicated to vp, to have fp among the rows? ok, I try to explain myself better, without prolonging too much.


Since I showed up here, I have not received any welcome from those who should, and despite this I have posted two of my tables.

Now, there is also to say that here it is more polite than other sites, because my two tables, and also other tables of other authors, have not received offensive comments by the people VP , this is positive, I also noticed that one of my tables has totaled more downloaders and "likes"(possibly caused by a large number of registered members?) compared to another site, and this still makes me think.....more than!!


What I would like to understand is this; how is FP seen by the people on this site? and above all by the administrators.


PS;your opinion would be useful, and appreciated!!






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