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To bad about SlamTi1t


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It's sad Slamti1t didn't release anything in Oct. I've watched his/her site all month hoping he/she may release any of the games hyped on the website. I guess we were tricked. To be fair, Slamti1t never said  anything would be released; it was only my hope that they would. I appreciate his/her creative process, and respect the prerogative to not release anything. 


I've tried the versions that are available, and they are pretty awesome, and he/she has a pretty good point in that they can push the boundaries of the possible in future pinball. It's just a shame that no-one/not many can appreciate it. It's like the post early in the month (can't find it now) which was along the lines of "It'll be a shame if I die and no-one sees these tables".  The good news is Terry Red is also pushing the boundaries of the possible, and giving inspiration to younger programmers. 


I myself really want to push the boundaries and create new v.pins and real physical pins. Am I a programmer? No, but I work in IT. So even if I can't play SlamTi1t's creations, the website gives me ideas to pursue on my own, which is what I think Slam was aiming for. 

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I'm much more understanding now (about taking a long time to release something) after working on just two tables for 1 year now that still aren't finished. Trying to get a table rushed to completion really sucks, and it's much better to wait until you feel you are "done enough" with the table to release so you don't keep coming back to it.


Tables on FP take a long time because you aren't leaving all the code to the rom. You gotta do literally everything yourself.


SLAM said, he will start releasing them again at some point. When? Who knows.

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