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[New PuP-Pack Alert]Carrie Underwood PuPPack

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Carrie Underwood PuPPack

Country Fans!! Rejoice!! Carrie Underwood has sold in excess of 65 million records globally. In the United States, she remains the best-selling album artist from American Idol franchise with a total of 16.3 million albums sold. so its time for something New for the Country fans as they deserve a New pinball once in a while too!!


Thanks to Phenom for another fun good looking table!!


Extract CarrieUnderwood into your PuPVideos Folder and select the screen option for your setup. If you aren't sure - try them all and see which one you like best! Use the included B2S file if you're going to use this PuPPack as well. Right and left magnasave changes the music video. Must have transparency set on your backglass screen in nvidia like your playfield is setup for tarc loading in pinup.


This is for Fun DO NOT SELL or Redistribute




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