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EVO 128x32 invalid update

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Hi Community,


I know most probably I'm doing something wrong, but I need some guidance from the experts.


I have 2 boards ( EVO128x32 REV1.3 ) one with firmware V3.15 and a second one with firmware V4.05


I got the latest firmware file V4.24 ( pindmd.upd  ) from https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/firmware/latest/EVO128x32_EVO128x16


FAT formatted a 2G SDCard and copied the pindmd.upd file to root of SDCard, inserted at SDCard slot of board and turned it on, right away I see a message "INVALID UPDATE" I checked the SDCard after that now the file is changed to ( pindmd.NOK ) and that's it, tested on both boards and got same result.


Any hints ??


Many thanks to all !!

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Maybe he made the same mistake, I once made. If your right-click on the filename in the folder above, and choose "Save as", you will have a file named "pin2dmd.bin" ,

but it is not the binary. It contains a kind of HTML-Code instead, and the filesize then is 131K 😉. Always left-click, until you reach the folder lucky1 mentioned above, and then hit the "Download"-Button on the right.

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