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Animating flashers in PinUp Popper


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Hi, I've been trying all day to get my 5 flashers to animate a "sliding" effect when I press the left/right flipper.


My goal was to add it to the existing color show that is default for pinup popper.


When I add the effect alone, I can get it to work, but when its added to the rest of the color show/cycling I can't really see the effect (no sure if its actually working)


Am I doing something wrong?

this is the effect I use (only change for the 5 different flashers is the "W" number):
E801 purple f300 W0 L2


I have tried to change the "L" to 100 as well but that doesn't seen to have any effect.


and a side question:

I can't figure out where to find the triggers. for example I have to use "E801" to trigger the flasher effect with my Right Flipper, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where to see the rest of the triggers ( the default flasher effects use a lot of 900+ triggers and im trying to figure out what all those triggers do :) )




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