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"arduipin" Arduino Code



Hi everybody,



I know that we are a couple of people currently working on an Arduino alternative to the LedWiz. So here's mine:




It's the revision 0.2.1a, but I'm working on the 0.2.3a which implements analog nudging (currently testing with an accelerometer). I should commit the code today or tomorow (depens if I decide to watch porn or not). Stay tuned.


So far, even if there is some kind of output implementation, 99% of my works has been on the inputs as I want the Arduino to also replace the Ipac. I'm using a software called vJoy (which is open source) that allow me to interact with VP. The nice thing is that since it's a virtual joystick driver, it allows me to have XYZ axis for analog nudging/plunger.




I'm also developping a C# controller with a config tool to map the inputs. It's using .Net 4.0 tasks and a message queue system to be 100% multi-thread and lag free (I hope so).



I've being talking with Shifters in the last couple of days, and I think we both agree that since we are all trying to accomplish the same thing, we should probably look for a way to merge all the Arduino projects together into one solution.

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Very excited to see this progress.  I know that the focus is to be for Pinball but I would suggest flexibility in what it can be used for.  There is also a need for this functionality in video arcade cabinets as well.

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wow very exciting, how many outputs does it support, can you daisy chain multiple arduinos?  Finally when will you know if there is no stutter introduced to VP with this, as this is my main reason for wanting something different from the ledwiz.  Great work.

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Just to let you know that a new software for ledwiz is in preparation.


It will run on a different thread that VP, so there won't be any stutter, plus there will be other enhancements.


It's just another possibility in the near future ;)

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