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Tons of issues trying to get Popper to play Please Help!!


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Hey everyone,


I have been on a mission to try and get pinball popper to play on my legends ultimate. Thus far, I have failed miserably.

I followed the Wagners guide, and still I feel like I am in a constant loop of failure.


The issues I am having:

Once installed and I go into Pinball FX, I load a table, it shows me the table and then immediately the backglass disappears. I try using the buttons, which I have set up on Joytokey, and they dont work. I try editing the buttons in joytokey and I cant.

Once I try getting into the main popper contol, and get into the game I want it wont let me past the start screen.


I cant even set the direct inputs in vpx or future pinball because half of my pinball buttons dont show. I try closing joytokey to do it manually and nothing happens.

This is beyond frustrating :(

Is there a live chat, or something I could use to get some help from someone?



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If things are set up correctly, nothing should need to be run as Administrator - running pieces of an install as Administrator can introduce as many problems as it solves, so at best it should be used as a troubleshooting step. If things work running as Administrator, it's only pointing out that there's a permissions issue somewhere, possibly even a blocked file.

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