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Hello everyone,

Is anyone by chance digging into linux emulation trough Lutris?

Since there are big news with d9vk and dxvk (since a while) could be great to have a fully functional script.


I know that the users here are owners of Virtual pinball cabs with backglasses and matrix ecc, but maybe someone is also interested into Desktop fun and Linux is a great choice for gaming lately.

Big problem still remains .Net under linux which is the bottleneck.

I managed to run a lot of tables under linux with visual pinball 10.6.2 but on some tables ( unfortunately also "Attack from Mars" in all its releases when the ball hits the hole) I still have random script fails...

I wonder if someone else is into that kind of "adventure".


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Specifically it returns a Scrip error at line 316"null" in "Attack from mars" /the line 316 is the "Do While bBall.Z -5


Sub sw37_Timer
    Do While bBall.Z > 0
        bBall.Z = bBall.Z -5
        Exit Sub
    Me.TimerEnabled = 0
End Sub


Any idea on how to fix it or why the error is generated?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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