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FX3 PupPack not showing up. Help?


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For some reason my PUP Packs are not working on FX3 anymore. I had the ALIENS PUP Pack working, but now it doesn't seem to pull the videos up at all. I have FX3 set to "Borderless Windowed" mode and have an in-game script to push the FX3 window to the back. However, I don't see any of the PUP Pack videos anywhere. I have also tried the DOOM PUP Pack, which was also previously working. PUP Packs are working on other emulator systems (i.e. Future Pinball and VPX).


Any ideas?

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I had this issue a little while back but maybe this is a new issue, I’ll try and check my setup and see. But I had a brain fart, there is an .ini file, I think dmd.ini or something, you maybe updated it recently, and in there, near the bottom I think, is a section that says PUP or something, make sure it is set to TRUE.


I think the .ini file is in mame folder, but don’t quote me.


that was the fix then, but maybe this is a new issue, I’ll have to load up my cab tonight and check. 


also, sorry I’m not more specific on file and location to check, I’m on my cell phone and not in front of my cab.

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