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[New PuP-Pack Alert]Taylor Swift PuPPack

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Taylor Swift PuPPack

Here's a pretty simple one - Has 43 of her music videos to go along with Phenom's awesome table! You can skip videos with either magnasave button. 3 options for your cabs screen setup by using the bat files! Extract the fpwr2_l2t to your pupvideos folder as normal. Thanks to Joey and Phenom for the help!




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Copied .vpx file to Tables directory and unzipped the fpwr2_l2t.zip to PuPVideos folder. When I launch the table, I get an error:


Starting script

Runtime error
Line: 287
Path not found


It looks like the script is expecting some content in the Music directory and errors out looking for a folder that doesn't exist. I don't see any content in the downloads or instructions that would end up in my Music folder.

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Same here, looking for another download?


I also added an entry to VPMAlias.txt


so I can change settings just for this table.  

I also changed the VPX script to change the pupvideo dir to be taylorswift instead of firepower2.


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