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Script command "UseSync = 0"


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What exactly does this do if you toggle it to one?  I've seen some scripts that mention if a table is running fast to set this to one, but I've no idea what's going on.


Is there any harm toggling it?


And if it's beneficial is there any way to set this command globally?

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My understanding of it is that you add that to the script to prevent vpm running too fast. It is one of those constants I've seen used, but, haven't really experimented enough with. You would think that it is the same as what is set under you video preferences and under table options (vsync), pretty sure it is not the same thing. I simply do not know. Harm in toggling it ? No, no permanent harm, all you have to do is revert if something odd is happening - isn't it ? ;)


Would be nice if someone that knows all the details, one day could document this and a few other "standards" you find in table scripts.

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Thanks for that Thalamus. I did notice a difference in one table. It was JPSalas version of Radical v1.1.1.  The ball would thunder down the left plastic twisty ramp very quickly. But with UseSync = 1 it was more sedate... and dare I say it a bit more realistic? So I've kept it.

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