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Settings gone


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I just logged in to the DOF Config Tool to grab my settings as I'm creating a new pinball software build and want to start from scratch, but need those settings.


I admit I haven't logged in to the tool for about 3 years, but when I did finally log in today, everything was blank!


Where are all my old settings?  Were they lost or reset at some point in the last 3 years?


I've not been in to this hobby for about 3 years now, so I don't even know where to begin to figure out all the mappings and start over and really hope I can recover those settings somehow.


I still have my hard drive/build working and everything, but don't know what I need to grab off the drive or save or redo (or how to do it) to start a new build.


I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer on this topic.


Thanks a bunch.

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On the website, the configtool.  Under Port Assignments.  None of the fields are populated any more.  They used to be populated with my settings.  Now everything is blank. 


Is my old configuration stored anywhere else?  How would I retrieve it?

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I had all the port assignments filled out.  The last time I saw them was in late 2018.  Is there a backup anywhere or any way to revert back to the last config that has all the settings?  The problem is, I don't know where to begin or have any idea what to do or what info I would need (or how to get it) to set everything back up all over again.


Thanks for your help.

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very strange, but i'm sorry we don't have backups that old.

it is always better to have a memo of the mapping of the toys in the controllers somewhere else than in the configtool.

i think there are tools with the pinscape and the pacled that lets you trigger the toys outisde vpx to see if they are working, can you check there?


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