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The two man team of G33cade have been steadily working on our first table the last six months to create the completely outside the normal pinball box RuPaul's Drag Race.

This is a brand new original table .... no rekin here :)


We currently have the following


  • Ten Game modes  ..... well nine and a wizard (Pew Pew)
  • At least three different types of multiball
  • Old school DMD action with currently over thirty animations .... I think. No fancy videos here.
  • 4k playfield
  • Toys, plenty of them.
  • At least two ramps.
  • A whole single pop bumper .... you lucky people.
  • Two types of skill shot .... normal and SUUUUUUPPPPEEERR.
  • Other things as well but  I don't want to spoil the suprise




So there it is. Hopefully we will have more information the comming weeks.


Video footage of the table can be found here on Youtube


We are looking for play testers so we can get other peoples opinions on it. So if you are interested just reply to this post.

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We are still here working on the table. We have done quite a bit of work since our last update and are very close to getting it to a near finished state :)


Here are a few things we have done


  • Added 3d models
  • Updated textures
  • Wizard game mode implimented
  • New DMD animations added
  • Updated Skillshot


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Quick update on the project as we have had a few messages.


We did have a extended break as was a bit burnt out just before Christmas but we are getting back on track with it now.


Stay lucky people and hopefully we shall have more info soon

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