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video backglass issues with Pinup Popper 1.4.6


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I am having problems with tables (VPX, FX3, etc... doesn't seem to matter what type)  where I have assigned a looping video as the backglass and set them to stay open after game launch.  The backglass video seems to run through just one loop or so and then stop playing.  I've tried changing launch settings, changing defaults for pinup popper keeping windows open etc. but nothing seems to fix the problem.  I never had this problem with previous Pinup versions.  Any suggestions?





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Hi Gwen, I experienced this same issue tonight with a video backglass. If I tell it to keep backglass display on for the game the video ends and I have a black screen. I did notice that if I set TWO displays to stay on the backglass will remain. However, I only need the one display (backglass) to stay on.   


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