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CabinetMode How-To?

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Alrighty guys...eating my pride here for the sake of time.  I enjoy cabinetmode where the walls are extended and of course this isn't an offering on most tables, but I'd like to add it.   I'm apt enough to change out flippers for Flupper's and have created my own, script a bit, and am overall dangerous when it comes to getting tables the way I'd like them. 


My question here is:  Can this be implemented on basically any table?  I see the prims for the walls, the textures, materials, ect.  Is this only for VPVR prepped tables?  Can someone give me a basic overview of what to export from what table and strategy to make this happen unto any other table?


Or....is it just not possible and is contextual to that specific table?  Thanks for any advice!

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Short answer is yes. Long answer, it depends very much on how perfect you need them. In general, you could make/steal prims from a game and copy them to the next. But, they are most probably specifically made for the table you are stealing them from. There are many different tables as you know. Many sizes too. This is where some of the problems lie. Then again, you can scale the prims, and this is why I say - it depends on how perfect you need them.


All in all, my answer is NO, if you need them to be perfect and don't want to use blender or some other 3D app to make them fit. You've got all the lighting for the materials to think about too.

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Good answer.  After reading your insight....2 things come to thought...


1:  It wouldn't have to be perfect as I think the walls would outweigh what I see one some tables' viewpoint in a good way.


2:  I assume the lights are baked on for some really well done walls, correct?  That would be where I would need to scrape a more plain table with black wood or something.  I may fuddle with it and see what comes of the process.

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CabinetMode is something we ended up doing for VPW releases. People did have issues having cabinet rails visible with some POV settings or that the Sideblades got cut out partly. Implementing this cabinetmode feature is quite dependent how the blades are done originally. Normally it is done by just doubling the size_z for the blades and making rails invisible. Some  tables have different kind of flashers casted on sideblades, like in Metallica, and that needed some tuning how cabinetmode makes sideblades higher. Some tables have prebaked sideblades like TFTC and there we ended up rotating sideblades into angle to fill the view properly.


So the short answer is: try to hide rails and double the height of the current sideblades. It may work for most of the tables.

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