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[New VPVR Alert]VR ROOM Doodle love Bug (Williams 1971)

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VR ROOM Doodle love Bug (Williams 1971)

Get ready to go Over The Top!!!!!


A big thanks to Loserman76, Thalamus , Wildman and Osprey101 for permission to mod their Doodle Bug and Love Bug tables. I could not get a hold of Tom (too many Tom's) and Rosve so if you have any issues with this mod, please let me know and I will rectify or remove.


Original authors and contributors are:


Source Images: Rosve & Osprey101
Image work and initial table layout: Tom
Table mesh redo & new sounds: Thalamus
Coding: Loserman76
Backglass: Wildman
Brought to VR - drinkcristal


Now about the game.


Doodle Bug is a Replay version of Love Bug which is an Add a Ball version of this table.


I have merged the tables since the graphics and coding is very similar. Not sure if this is a first but the player can decide the table they want to play before starting the game.


Left Magnasave toggles between game types (tables)  - initial load is Doodle Bug


Holding Left Flipper allows the player to modify some parameters (3/5 ball play). High Score targets and normal game vs Novelty .


For love bug, I have added another feature on start. If you have a credit available before the game starts, you can buy an additional set of balls.


scoring 100,000 clocks the reels and lights the "1" next to the 10,000 reel.

scoring 200,000 clocks the reels and lights Over The Top..


I hope you enjoy this table.


Comments and feedback welcome.


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