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Exit Visual Pinball.

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i am martin from the netherlands and i have since a week of 3 a arcade cabinet.



afster 3 weeks to build my database and set it up i have a problem


visual pinball wont exit from hyperspin.


when i press Esc ill get a pop up menu.

resume game debug mode,quit to editor.


when i set the exit key in visual pinball to a other key

hyperspin comes to the front and visual pinball is in the background.


so i must do a thing in my module or autohotkey i dont know.


there are topics but i am a noob with scripts.


so can someone please help i have asked it on a scriptforum autold but thats closed by a mod because you dont may ask things on the forum there.


i have been busy with only this problem for three days now and i got really frusterated haha.


so please help.


with kind regard




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