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K sorry here is my question for future reference. I was just asking if the updates on here were just being uploaded from vpinball site or are they actually updates because I was a frequent downloader on there? Sorry I know there is a lot going on now with vpinball gone and your updating this site and thank you for that so much, glad to see visual pinball is still alive. Im just curious. I dont want to sound like an a**hole.  


Edit i found a update and recently upload section but still wondering how new the updates are. Also if there is anyway I can help out with this site please let me know. I would like to get involved.

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The difficulty would be getting a lawyer to take it up... there isn't enough "standing", so to speak, because all too often we don't have permission to use the resources involved, so the court would dismiss the suit anyway because we don't have enough rights to the material involved. Plus, it's expensive to file such things - it's actually even expensive to send a proper C&D - and once that cost has to come in, it's not worth keeping on in the hobby.

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