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Single Screen Desktop, BG & DMD Setup, Pinup Popper Focus Tips.


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Hello, These tips are assuming you have Pinup Popper and Ultra DMD, flex whatever DMD external DMD you use, setup.


For those who use tables on the desktop with backglass and external DMD all on one screen, there can be some issues with losing focus like the backglass going behind your fullscreen windowed desktop. If you want the DMD and backglass staying on screen you can't use exclusive fullscreen, you have to use windowed mode( or borderless gaming). Here are some tips on using such a setup like I have where the backglass, DMD and table all show without issues fullscreen, plus if you use a Xbox controller (Or whatever other one) there is a way to easily gain focus if you lose focus on the backglass which can happen. G-Sync monitor users need to enable windowed mode so that you get the advantages of G-Sync in VFX windowed mode for lower input lag and no tearing of moving objects as using V-Sync ads a lot of latency.


As you can see from the screenshot, this is how I have all my tables setup using Pinup popper as I like the backglass animating and the DMD under it.


1. Set the external DMD(ultra DMD)  to go on top in your DmdDevice.cfg, this will put in on top of all your fullscreen window.

; virtual dmd stays on top of all other windows
stayontop = true


2. Set the size of your backglass  and it's position accordingly in the BS2_setup and right click the backglass when on screen for options to keep it on top.

3. In pinup menu setup>Popper setup>Emulators, Select Visual Pinball X and go the "other" tab and paste the following line in the "in game script"

@echo off
cd /d [STARTDIR]
start "" pupwinpos.exe "PUPSCREEN*" 0 0 0
start "" pupwinpos.exe "Form1" -1 0 0
start "" pupwinpos.exe "Visual Pinball Player" 1 0 1 


4. Now go to "controller setup" in PinUP setup > In game script and bind a button or dpad axis on your controller for the script.


This way you can use your controller and press you dpad or button to focus the backglass if it loses focus behind your fullscreen window with one click. This will work for pinuppacks as well where you might lose focus to a video playing, like say Masters of the universe where the video call outs can lose focus under the window.




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This is awesome... since this is an older post now, does this process still work - and is the current way?  I'm just started to setup desktop / one screen for my LR TV and would love to have ultraDMD and BG on screen with the playfield to see all the awesome at once. Thanks!

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