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[New VPVR Alert]Eight Ball (Bally 1977) VR ROOM

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Eight Ball (Bally 1977) VR ROOM

 Thanks to JP Salas for this super awesome VPX version of Bally Eight ball.  One of my favourite machines of all time!  I have not touched the physics, graphics, or gameplay from JP's original VPX version.  Thanks to Walter Whitmer for all of the well made EM cabinet parts....  This room would not be the same without them.  Most of the VR code is at the bottom of the script and in the keydown functions.
Thanks goes to..
VPX table: JP Salas  (original graphics from Poppotte)
Segmented score display conversion, EM cabinet, EM plunger, Plunger housing, Siderails, and coin door - Walter Whitmer.
Some VR models from: 3RDAXIS
Thanks always to Randy Davis, The VP development team, and Caligula for bringing us VPVR
Options: Left Magnasave to toggle VR Room components on or off (on by default).   Right Magnasave to toggle playfield glass and scratches (off by default).
I would suggest you run this table once outside of VP and hit your F6 options to turn on the Extra ball option.   On these older machines, you need all the extra balls you can get!





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