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[New VPVR Alert]VR ROOM - Medieval Madness (Skitso mod) VRR 1.1

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VR ROOM - Medieval Madness (Skitso mod) VRR 1.1

VR ROOM - Medieval Madness Skitso mod

This another awesome pinball table. Skitso, rothbauerw and bord did an outstanding job with this mod of the original table which was Tom Tower’s and Ninuzzu’s Medieval Madness Reloaded. In my opinion, in VR it's even better to play and it looks really great!

Below are the release notes from Skitso's upload. 


This is a Skitso remaster of Tom Tower’s and Ninuzzu’s Medieval Madness Reloaded.


Project lead, visuals and QA – Skitso
Scripting, gameplay and physics – rothbauerw
Mesh playfield and primitives – bord

Completely revamped gameplay and physics with all the modern VP tricks
New mesh playfield with all the nice holes and edges
New animations and sound
Improved GI lighting
Completely new inserts lighting
Completely new flasher lighting
Completely new wall reflections and other atmosphere elements
Completely new HD apron texture
Improved playfield texture
Countless amount of bigger and smaller details and polish
As requested by the original authors, the download is not from VPinball, but from VPUniverse.


As for the VR conversion, special thanks to:

- 3rdaxis for sharing his great VR work and the template for creating a VR Room. 

- Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR!




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