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Addressable Backbox Toy


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Hi, question about a new toy.  With my cabinet I added LED T-Moulding to the back box sides.  In it I have 144 LED/M Addressable's that run off a Teensy.  Currently I have it running a script that makes it look like flickering flames, works well with the theme of my cabinet.


What I would really like is if I could have it do stuff like the Matrix LED's.  Example, be my flashers, different run cycles per table ie. midway lights for CV, attach it to some table events.


The way I understand it is that the matrix lights script is a frame buffer for video or image files.  Currently all I know how to do is make a script for different cycles.  Arduino complies your sketch on upload so I can't inject different code into the loop at runtime.


Is it possible to make a toy for this?  I'm not sure anyone else with a home brew has done this, haven't seen it anyway.  If you build it will they come?


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