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Issue With Hyperpin Exiting

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Hello - 
I'm having an issue with HyperPin. I downloaded the latest version yesterday (4/6/2013) and I have been facing issues when I attempt to exit it. HyperPin will start up as normal and I can select a table. But once I do I cannot exit back to HyperPin wheel nor Windows Desktop (sorry if I am using the wrong terminology...I'm a newbie). The only option I have is either to keep playing the same table or do a hard reboot or Ctrl+alt+delete. I can press ESC on my keyboard but it will only give me an option to exit editor (which is strange). Before downloading the latest version I would simply press and hold the exit button on my cab and I would see a countdown that read 3..2..1.. and it would return to the HyperPin Wheel where I could select another table. 

Does anyone know how to fix this? I really hope someone out there has some advise on this. 

Thank you

By the way I am using Windows 7

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