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I can't get my pin2dmd ( stm32 discovery ) to work with firmware version number 4 and VPinMame 3.3... 
I downloaded the package updated by lucky1 on github, replaced the .dll in the VPinMame folder and in XDMD but it doesn't work. My DMD only works on PBX, and the vpx tables with ultra DMD. But my roms work with the VPinMame setup... I checked my .ini file in my DMDext folder several times but nothing works. I think I have the right firmware version because my DMD shows "colorprism v4.08".
It was working perfectly with VPinMame version 2.8 but I decided to update it because I had problems with the recent tables. 
Does anyone have the solution please? I would really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot in advance! 

Best regards

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