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PF Screens - discussion


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Alright, looking to have a place to discuss the PF screen and give recommendations etc. For new people building a first cab it can be a little daunting on what to go with or a budget build screen being paired with the gfx card etc. Then you have response time, Hz. Obviously going more expensive is better, but what can be good for a budget or resolution and still look ok?

I have not personally seen a 60Hz vs 120+hz comparison, but I've only been told it is "better" Same goes for "2k" vs 4k resolution. So there is no perfect answer, it really comes down to your budget and what you are looking to get out of your cabinet. 


Here are some screens I found for my widebody build.  Widebody inside dimensions are 23.25" x 45" playfield area, 52" overall length

   43" 4k 60Hz Monitors with 5-8ms response

       LG 43UN700-B 

      Acer DM431k

      Dell U43OQ

      Sony Briavia BZ35F          

   43" 4k 120Hz

      Samsung QH3R - Commercial unit - 8ms

      Acer Predator CG437K - "1ms"

      ASUS XG438Q - 4ms

      ASUS PG43U - 144Hz


My PC vpin build from ~2012 has an older but big video hard, however I bet it can't do 4k. however I can't find any "2k" monitors to fit the wide body. Thinking I'll go with the samsung commercial unit. 

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