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Pin2DMD Dumps No Longer Save After Installing Freezy


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I am collecting DMD dumps for the pinball clock I ordered (using Visual Pinball), but after I installed Freezy, I checked and saw that no dumps were being saved in the "dmddump" folder anymore. It seemed to have worked up until I added Freezy. Luckily I made a backup, so I deleted the Freezy files and moved back the original DmdDevice files, but still no luck.

I have Show DMD window and Use external DMD (dll) both checked in the VPinMAME Setup.exe Default Options. 

I am new to all this so I could be misunderstanding something!

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In Setup.exe (VPinMAME Installation program v 1.42) I have :

"Show DMD/Display window" checked, and also "Use external DMD (dll)" checked. 

Is there anything else to set up? I dont see an option for


PINAME window enabled

, unless that is set somewhere else.


But it sounds like you are saying Freezy should not affect the dump?

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Show DMD/Display Window = PINMAME "display window"


Freezys does not effect your dump ,  but you should have it installed and fully configured.   

How would   you   check on the status of your project.

I like to make a dump ---->  cut the scenes --->    create keyframes  for all the scenes I cut. ---->  apply a mono tone pallet.

and then check to make sure that all my keyframes work.---->     they need to be played on Freezys sceeen.


Once I have confirmed that my keyframe works  -->   I can move to the time consuming task of coloring the scene I cut.

it would suck to cut and color a scene just to find out that I need to re-cut the scene because the keyframe did not work.

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