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Not sure if there is an official thread for this but I was wondering if someone could add placeholders in DOF Config Tool for the following VPX tables. I'd be happy to submit initial configurations for them. Most of these are the excellent EM tables created by LOSERMAN76. Thanks.

cGameName Table
BumperPool_1969 Bumper Pool (Gottlieb 1969)
chance Chance (Playmatic 1978)
DoodleBug_1971 Doodle Bug (Williams 1971)
EggHead_1961 Egg Head (Gottlieb 1961)
EliteGuard_1968 Elite Guard (Gottlieb 1968)
FlipperFair_1961 Flipper Fair (Gottlieb 1961)
FunFair_1968 Fun Fair (Gottlieb 1968)
Galaxie_1971 Galaxie (Gottlieb 1971)
GrandeDomino_1968 Grande Domino (Gottlieb 1968)
GrandSlam_1972 Grand Slam (Gottlieb 1972)
Harmony_1967 Harmony (Gottlieb 1967)
heartsgain Hearts Gain (Inder 1971)
HighSeas_1976 High Seas (Gottlieb 1976)
HiLo_1969 Hi-Lo (Gottlieb 1969)
HomeRun_1971 Home Run (Gottlieb 1971)
JungleKing_1973 Jungle King (Gottlieb 1973)
JungleLife_1972 Jungle Life (Gottlieb 1972)
Kickoff_1967 Kickoff (Williams 1967)
LightningBall_1959 Lightning Ball (Gottlieb 1959)
LittleJoe_1971 Little Joe (Bally 1972)
MiniPool_1969 Mini Pool (Gottlieb 1969)
Playball_71VPX Playball (Gottlieb 1971)
Poseidon_1978 Poseidon (Gottlieb 1978)
Psychedelic_1970 Psychedelic (Gottlieb 1970)
RackABall_1962 Rack-A-Ball (Gottlieb 1962)
Rancho_1965 Rancho (Gottlieb 1965)
ReydeDiamantes_1967 Rey de Diamantes (Petaco 1967)
RoyalPair_1974 Royal Pair (Gottlieb 1974)
RoyalPair_1974 Royal Pair 2 (Gottlieb 1974)
SatinDoll_1975 Satin Doll (Williams 1975)
ShipMates_1964 Ship Mates (Gottlieb 1964)
Skipper_1969 Skipper (Gottlieb 1969)
Soccer1964 Soccer (Williams 1964)
Solitaire_1967 Solitaire (Gottlieb 1967)
SpaceOrbit_1972 Space Orbit (Gottlieb 1972)
SpotPool_1976 Spot Pool (Gottlieb 1976)
SurfSide_1967 Surf Side (Gottlieb 1967)
TamTam_1975 Tam-Tam (Playmatic 1975)
TargetPool_1969 Target Pool (Gottlieb 1969)
TeamOne_77VPX Team One
Tiger_1975 Tiger (Gottlieb 1975)
toledo Toledo (Williams 1975)
TopHand_1973 Top Hand (Gottlieb 1973)
Touchdown_1967 Touchdown (Williams 1967)
WorldSeries_1972 World Series (Gottlieb 1972)
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