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Hello all and thank you to everyone who has ever posted a video or commented on setting up a Vpin.  My project started in March  for my sons birthday...we made it our Corona quarantine project so I bought a mini cab from Game Room Solutions (original 2 monitor rig) and pieced together the rest of the parts from watching youtube and reading... I knew nothing about computers nor programming.......but got her together

ok... i finally got VPX up and running with almost every table available, got B2S working...even painstakingly adjusted all of the dmd's to fit... I am running a 2 screen system.

My main issue is trying to get Pinup popper to work (failed at Pinball X also).  I just want a simple front end system that loads my VPX tables as easily as when i just click on the vpx file in my folder and struggling.... a lot... perhaps its burnout... like i said...been working hard on this for a few months......Major Frenchy, Nailbuster...etc... For me cant grasp the final step... a good looking front end that will let me pick my favorite VPX tables....havent even tried Future Pinball or any other system...will do that after front end.

Is there a real easy way for me to set this up? or perhaps a video different than Nailbusters or Major Frenchy?  both of those dudes are great and got me here...just struggling getting over finish line.   I get confused with puppacks, DOF, etc...just want my VPX table to run the way it does when i click on it.... (Still have a hard time getting DMD to always show up on top for some tables and have to alt tab to get it....)


any help would be greatly appreciated.. i have worked very hard and perhaps need a break but cant until front end installed...


Please and thank you for any assistance.... I became obsessed with my build and I love it....just need a front end working....


Thanks all, 


M Steakhouse

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I am also a newbie and trying to find my way around Vpinball and how to build one but am struggling to find any tutorials....

Currently looking to get a cabinet and learn more about the different types of hardware...


If someone can point me in the right direction would be great. 

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