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Combining DOF call types in script?


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I still struggle with understanding DOF scripting. I'm adding some more action to the game play of "The Clash" based on JP's "Rock Encore."

1, Can I combine ROM and non-ROM events to a table? I don't have contactors so I have no way to quickly test the theory. I'm trying to fire contactors and/flashers for non-ROM events.

Both of these events are not in the "Rock" ROM.  Can I just add DOF numbers to the event, and then add "E105" to the appropriate toy in the DOF Config Tool?]


Sub Bumper1_Hit

    PlaySoundAt SoundFXDOF("fx_bumper",105,DOFPulse,DOFcontactors), Bumper001
    Playsound "CLASHX35"

   DOF 105, 2

End Sub



Sub BrixtonKicker_hit()
    PlaySoundAt SoundFXDOF("fx_slingshot",131,DOFPulse,DOFcontactors), BrixtonKicker
    Playsound "CLSHX11"
    BrixtonKicker.Kick 0,40
    DOF 131, 2
End Sub


Thanks for help. Pete

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