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Hey there.


I've got GB LE running on my cab, but for some reason the PIN2DMD flickers constantly. Anyone have any ideas why?

PIN2DMD has been upgraded to firmware 3.12. Everything else works great... just this one thing is driving me nuts.

Windows 10
Visual Pinball 10.6
Latest SAM Build
VPinSPA 3.1
dmdext 1.8.1


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I spoke too soon. After the first power cycle after the firmware upgrade, I'm now getting Not Activated messages on the DMD and "Firmware Not Supported - Please Upgrade" dialogue boxes appearing.

Any advise appreciated!


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So, I'm stumped. I was up until 3am and I just can't get this to work.

I did have everything working together nicely, and then in an attempt to get GB working without incessant flickering, I upgraded my PIN2DMD firmware to 3.12. That led me down a series of driver and firmware changes, including updating to the latest version of dmdext.

Now I can't seem to get dmdext to work. No matter what I do, it won't seem to display anything on the Pin2DMD. I've tried it with the dmddevice.dll that comes with the package, and I've tried it with the PIN2DMD Pinmame integration version of the dmddevice.dll issued a week ago.

I have to use the PIN2DMD version of the dmddevice.dll otherwise nothing displays on the DMD in Visual Pinball.

If I do the dmdext test (with or without the --use-ini switch), I get nothing with either version of the dll.

Any ideas?

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Turns out the whole dmdext not working was on me. I was tired and should have left it and come back to it in the morning. Turns out I installed the libusbk driver instead of the libusb-win32 driver. When I reviewed my own notes here I figured it out.

All integrations seem to be working again. I just wish I could figure out why the GB display keeps flickering like this


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