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Markadia - New Cabinet Mame/pin


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So a few years ago I bought a load of parts from a guy on ebay: trackball, spinner, iPac4, couple of joysticks, buttons, fake coin door.  All of this was to build a cabinet.  Waffled over cocktail or upright for some time.  Never got around to it.  Lost interest for a while and came back.  Found a Capcom cabinet (Marvel vs Capcom) at the local coin op shop - no monitor, but decent condition for the cabinet.


Been working on a rotating monitor since a new TV isn't in the budget.  Using a 22" 16:10 Acer LCD.  One of my sons had a couple of worn window motors from his car so I tested both and snagged one.  After also getting back into virtual pinball, decided I would have to add a second monitor.  Waffled over that decision as well since I want to be able to play the Taito Type X games and they won't work when a second monitor is added.  Solution: VGA switch.  A friend has one he's not using so I'll use that to switch out the monitor before starting up the cab when I want to play Taito Type X games.  I might even come up with an AHK to scan hardware while the computer is on to switch out the monitor. 


At any rate, it'll be a mini-pin (two monitor only but two is better than one-or none) in a MAME cabinet.  I sepnt most of the last week trying to get a bezel of some kind.  The best I got was a nice flat black bezel painted on a circular piece of glass I had cut but the edges got messed when pulling of the tape, I then messed it up more by trying to line the edges with electrical tape.  Mistake.  So for now I'm going with the crap ass masonite bezel.  Got everything assembled yesterday and it wouldn't turn the full amount thus the extra board to adjust for the difference.  


This is also partly to smooth my aching spirits as I almost got my first pin yesterday, a 1966 Dancing Lady from ebay but hadn't worked it out before the auction ended.  I'm too damned obsessed, but I want a real pin now!  I'm also in the wrong part of the country as there are some in this area, but not many on a regular basis.  I guess the time will come.




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