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german gaming supplies order PIN2DMD neverending story


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Very bad expirience  with Rappelbox
I ordered and paid 700 € for many things from germangamingsupplies.com about 3+ months now.
PIN2DMD - Display "Evolution.LED Matrix  .LED stripes  Pinscape Expansion Board Set. Teensy Control Box... flipper buttons..Plunger Set......all the nice stuff.
Never recive
very strange for a german shop never again.!!!


A big respect to all nice guy in the pinball community for the hard work.
but no respect to that disappointing guy.
i didn't expect this from a guy with this hoby....too bad for him.
i don't wanted to post here
vpuniverse is not the place for this conversations i know sorry folks.
But i think is good to know to protect others.
people off earth beware if you don't want to get in this shameless situation

And here is the it goes to MARS launch status of (DHL.de) traking.nr.CA640704891DE ?

Now i need my money back to find another shop
Can anyone recommend a serious shop.?

i will inform evrybody of the status.
greatings from greece.



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33 minutes ago, Rockdude233 said:

I don't understand why people keep ordering from this guy and then act surprised when the service is bad.  It has been going on for years and years now!  He is not going to change the way he does business.

you have damn right man .like i say
i have don't expect this from a german shop
my mistake i didn't search in the forums...

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