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Help needed pin2dmd V3 128x32 3.05 in real pinball


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Hi guys,

I have a jurassic park data east collored file i want to run, but after hours of trying.....

The problem i keep running in to is this:

I got the color files, and i can see whe  i put the sd card in it tries to run in color, i see the jp island in multi color, but then poof it jumps back to 3 collor pallet, and sometimes changes from yellow pallet style to bleu to pink.

It kinda looks like its running two diffrent set ups at once?

Any insight on this


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DJRobX only exported for virtual pinball. I´m not sure his work has been been integrated and tested on a real pinball machine.

Did you set your pinball machine to english language ? 

I don´t think it is a general problem like mentioned in  the thread title, but a problem of the colorization.

Maybe you continue to ask here with a better description of your problem maybe a video of what is going wrong.


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