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Tutorial: How To Setup Pin Highscore And Disable Forcefeedback Fplaunch


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3/2/2013 version 1.0 of tutorial.


I see people are still confused about these two new features Blur has added to FPlaunch. Hopefully he will refine feedback feature by adding a toogle or dimmed menu to give the user a singal that feedback is disabled.In the meantime, here is my quick and easy step by step process on how to set things up. Let me know if I missed anything.




1) Download latest FPlaunch (Miniumum requirement FPLaunch1.295wip10.zip )



2) This will include a copy of PINemHi Version 1.1.  Check http://www.pinemhi.com/ for latest updates.


3) Edit the pinemhi.ini to match your directory paths where your VP and FP NVRams are located.

This is the default dir paths in ini

VP={path to Visual Pinball}\nvram\

FP=[path to Future Pinball}\fpram\

Remember, for VP it’s in your Vpinmame folder and for FP in your Fpram. Take a look at my config


FP=C:\Games\Future Pinball\fpRAM\


4) Make sure ledwiz=true in your settings.ini file in hyperpin/settings folder

Also toggleLedwizKey  = 1   is default. Most people have that set to the start button. This is whats going to disable feedback and only have led’s enabled.


5) Make sure you generate your forefeedback config from the Vpuniverse Ledwiz configtool


It will generate two files :

Ledcontrol.ini and ledcontrol.nofeedback.ini.

Both are require for this feature to toggle feedback on and off. Put them in your VisualPinball/tables directory


6) Now launch Hyperpin


7) Load a VP table


8) Once table fully loads press(tap) esc or pause key. You should see high score list in pause menu. (You should also run an FP table to check Hi score is working as well)


9) The Pause menu is where you toggle forcefeedback. Press the “1” button or whatever you assigned your toggleLedwizKey  to be.


10) Now press the pause or escape key. Only have to press it once. It will exit pause menu and bring you back to the table. It will not disable forcefeedback until you exit table completely


11) Exit table and go back to hyperpin table selection screen


12) Enter any VP table with forcefeedback, you should now see that only leds are active and not the forcefeedback. To re enable feedback repeat steps 8-11


13) Enjoy.

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