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Please do NOT Private Message or Instant Message our Developers & Table Authors


VPUniverse was created to make a better place for development and table creation. We want this site to remain a safe haven where developers, artists, script guru's and table creators can develop without the harassment that other sites have tolerated in the past.


Our developers do what they do for our hobby. Our developers normally do not get anything in return for their time and effort except for our thanks. People need to understand that pressuring our developers to make a certain table, to update a table, or asking about progress on tables they have under construction pushes this hobby in the wrong direction. On VPUniverse.com we encourage our Developers to make continual updates regarding their Works In Progress and to keep the community informed. Our developers DO NOT NEED to be constantly reminded that people are looking forward to their creations. Pressuring our developers makes them to NOT want to continue working on their projects.  Many authors work much better and efficiently without having hundreds of PM's clogging up their inbox's and the constant hounding for tables or updates.  


Please DO NOT message developers regarding the following:


1. Works In Progress

2. Table Requests

3. Progress Updates

4. Asking for access to unreleased tables.


In return for not bothering our developers; our developers promise to keep the community updated on their current Works In Progress. 


** NOTE ** "PM" includes Private Messages and Instant Chat Messages.

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Temporary and Disposable Email Services

VPUniverse.com does not allow any registrations by users using Temporary and Disposable Email Services. Users using Temporary and Disposable Email Services will be flagged and possible account deletion without notice. Temporary and Disposable Email Services do not include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

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Asking for packs or looking to purchase complete setups including games is against the rules of the community.  Asking for such will have your account permanently banned. 
Posting links to "un-official" sites, groups, discords is also a ban-able offence. 


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