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Vp Graphic Settings


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Does VP use system wide settings set in my video card manager or are there more settings that I can't find. I don't see an option for how much AA to apply nor Bilinear or Trilinear texture filtering and Anisotropic Filtering. I would like to smooth out the lines some and make things look better. In FP it's all in the settings and would rather not have system wide settings as I like to leave it up to the program. Maybe I can set up a profile for VP only? 

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The core of VP is quite old, based on DirectX 7 I think, so presently there is no VP internal support for what you recommend.  Some sharpnening can be done via "global" settings on some GPU's, but nothing internal to VP, aside from the software FXAA that is (which does hit the processor a tad though)

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