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Weird Ball Disapearing Problem

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I'm having a weird problem with the ball image disapearing for about a second on a few games. It is worst on AFM and not quite as bad on MM. What happens is I load the game from Hyperpin and start to play. The ball launches fine travels down to the flipper fine but when I hit it the ball disapears for up to a second and the flipper freezes up during that time. After that one instance everything works perfectly. No lag, no stutter, nothing but great pinball. This only happens on the first game when the table is loaded. After that everything is great. If I exit to the Hyperpin menu and reload the game the problem comes back on the first game. Any thoughts or ideas. Here is my current setup



Biostar H77MU3 motherboard

i5 3570k processor

8gb ram

GTX 650 for playfield

GTX 610 for backglass

real DMD

600w power supply

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