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Manual: Manuals (Complete & Consolidated)


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File Name: Manuals (Complete & Consolidated)

File Submitter: FlyingDutchman

File Submitted: 24 Jan 2013

File Category: Pinball Manuals

Complete STERN Manuals from their latest Pinball Tables .. from the official Pinball Service Game Manual files (White / Yellow / Pink / Blue) that can be
found (and sometimes devided over more than 20(!) different files) at STERN .

Consolidated & converted into a convenient .pdf file format.

That should give you guys a good head start! ;)


Click here to download this file

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Wondering if these have anything from the CDs that isn't available on the site (extra art, etc.) and if so if anyone has the CDs.


Also wondering if anyone already has the NASCAR manual compiled and available.


EDIT: actually it's on that link above, thanks.  Maybe we can get the missing ones added here for download?

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