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Stern Roms

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5 hours ago, jevansoh said:

I found this tip on a Reddit forum:  "Look for b2s.server and change it to VPinMAME.Controller" ...

That fixes the errors I was getting.  This is such an odd issue I'm going to leave this here in case anyone else experiences it.  I'd love to know what caused it and exactly what this fix does, though.



The table is setup to use the direct2bs backglass - sounds like you dont have that. You basically disabled that function. Most people need the opposite :-)

2 or 3 screen setups.

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Yes, but it doesn't have the one I'm looking for.  Working on moving an old install from VP9 to VPX tables and was looking for xmn_151h. 


I'll keep checking the Stern site every once in a while.  Thanks for the info.

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