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Hey Guys!!!! 


We are so excited to present our new Virtual Pinball Building guide that will feature everything you need to know 

from choosing your cabinet, repairing it, preparing it, hardware, software, setup, Led, wiring, addressable led, dot matrix, 

solenoids, contactors, shaker motor, gear motor, setting up tables etc..... 


We are Launching our Series on Youtube on March 29th 2019 

Check our channel and we have the video on Premiere. 

Youtube Premiere


Our Youtube Chanel is Mame in a box Youtube Channel


our website will be hosting the new series and everything will be broken into sections. 

We published our 1st guide on this site and on VPforums in 2017 and have gotten over 30 000 downloads.

We decided to host it on the website to facilitate updates which was not possible with the PDF. 




Thank you to VPuniverse for being part of the Virtual Pinball Heritage....



Major Frenchy!

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