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PIN2DMD colors doesn't match original colors

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I already thought that the colors were not right when I started some games, but because I'm new to PIN2DMD (I switched from PINDMD3) and still don't know how everything works:

did I used the wrong roms ? (I've downloaded some colored roms but didn't tried them yet)

do I have to use the altcolor files too (in some subfolders from the altcolor folder I see a pin2dmd.pal but also ._pin2dmd.pal) and does the game use them automatically?

do I have to change the colors myself on each table (do I put a tick at Colorize DMD (4 colors)?, I found a topic with the correct color settings like R254, G64, B1 etc. but are they necessary  with colored roms and/or altcolor .pal files?

So  I've upgraded to firmware 2.60 and started to look more into PIN2DMD I  did see the colors from pin2dmd.exe are in a wrong order...

This is the result from the palette:

palette 0 - VGA
palette 1 - Red
palette 2 - should be Green ---> but is Blue
palette 3 - Blue ---> Green
palette 4 - Violet ---> Yellow
palette 5 - Cyan
palette 6 - Yellow ---> Violet/Purple/Dark Pink
palette 7 - White ---> White
palette 8 - Orange ---> Pink/Red-ish

As you can see in the attached picture you see the wrong colors and a missing pixel in the right corner, but I bought the PIN2DMD from GGS and it took about 5 months to receive the board, so when I looked in the corner and saw there is a pixel missing I took that for granted.

So the main question is...can I change something in the settings so that the right colors appear when I click for example on palette 2 so I get Green instead of Blue?   .... and also for the other colors?



WhatsApp Image 2018-12-10 at 20.00.57.jpeg

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Enter the onscreen menu (hold menu button during boot) and set the RGB Sequence accordingly.
Save settings 


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Didn't even know there were buttons on the back of the boards 😋

But after changing the RGB Sequence I tried the AC/DC colored rom using bspatch etc. and I created my first colored rom with success!!

Many thnx!!


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I've got exactly the same problem ( on pincab passion forum they told me to switch pin 2 with 3 and 6 with 7 but the result is worst.

So i wouls like to try to solve the problem by the menu but i can't access. I've tried :several solution

1- hold the two button : PIN2DMD screen start flickering ans flashing weirdly.

2- Hold first button : As it's hold the black remain black and when a release the pin2dmd boot normally but no access to menu

2- Hold second button : Nothing happen -(.

I use 2.6 colorprims version.

My pin2dmd is both connected with the micro and mini USB.

I'am doing something wrong ???

Tks for your help ??







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I think you are referring to the buttons on the discovery board.
To access the menu you need to use the buttons on the shield.

If you don´t use a shield you need to swap cables like yuo have been told
in the pcp forum.

Please understand that I can´t give support for flying wire installations
because from the technical side it is not really reliable  and high frequencies
can have many unpredictable side effects.


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