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[New VP10 Alert] Road Runner (Atari 1979) SoundMOD v1.1

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Road Runner (Atari 1979) SoundMOD v1.1

I first would like to thank Kalavera for giving me permission to make this sound mod. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank TAB which let Kalavera use his VP9 table to make his VPX mod.
I would also like to thank Arngrim for adding DOF to script for Kalavera. There is much more important info on original download page.
They put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes!
Original Table...

I also would like to thank Flupper for his great Flasher resource table!!

I would also like to thank Thalamus for telling me how to use resource tables!!

I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for teaching me how to add timers to script!

I also would like to thank DJRobX, STAT, Gtxjoe, and nFozzy, for helping me shorten my StopSounds and PlaySounds script commands.
(They each wrote out an example, and between them all, I was able to figure it out!! BIG THANKS!!!)

I would also like to thank DJRobX for showing me example of flasher script command for flasher placement in FS mode.

I also would like to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these VPX mods would not be possible!!

Version 1.1
Thanks to Vogliadicane's info I changed to his Ball Image, and set ambient (keep this low) from 29,29,29 to 0,0,0.
So the ball should look more natural. HUGE THANKS FOR THIS INFO VOGLIADICANE!!!!

Version 1.0
Lowered Rubber Physics hit height to 27.
Changed DT view settings, changed X Scale to 1, changed Y Scale to 1, Changed Z Offset to -140
Changed FS view settings, changed X Scale to 1, changed Y Scale to 1, and other settings.
Adjusted many objects so outer lines and edges were straightened. Plastics, sidewood, apron, side top and bottom rails, plungerplastic, etc.
Raised height of bumpercaps to 61, so lines are not showing through.
Raised height of halo on bumper lights so the whole bumper is covered with light when activated.
Added 6 modified wheel image pics to upper blank strip in FS view, which can be toggled with Left Magna-Save button.
(This wouldn't work with STAT's script as is, so had to modify, as you can't change pics on flashers, but you can make them visible or not, so I added 3 different flashers to same area, and just made the others not visible while viewing current. If you try adding pic to upper area with ramp or wall, it pushes the table offscreen, but when pics are done with flashers, it doesn't effect the table or push it off screen!!)
Added modified version of STAT's Change team script, so 14 different bumper pics can be toggled with Right Magna-Save button.
The second bumper pic toggled, is a white version of same bumper, which is as I saw it on IPDB.
Added BIP variable and "plungerreleasefree" sound effect to plunger, played when ball is not in plunger lane.
Added invisible wall above drain so ball doesn't jump up onto apron when draining fast.
Added Keypress of N for shutting off Mod Sounds.
Added Keypress of M for turning on Mod Sounds.
Mod Sounds are on by default, but can be shut off on Line 16 of table script by changing "SoundMod = 1" to "SoundMod = 0"
Added 25 sound effects, 5 of which are different versions of same 60's cartoon theme song.

All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only. This table should be used for educational purposes only..

Hope you enjoy!!

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Xenonph thank you for doing this mod, and for correcting all those things that I could not correct myself, I love how it is, I'm already trying it and it's really fun, Beep beep !!!

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