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[New VP10 Alert] The Walking Dead Pro (Beta)

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On 18.9.2017 at 6:20 PM, arngrim said:

thanks Groni for your version, i replaced the physmod 5 by this one, i always keep one version of each rom 

here's some script update regarding soundfx calls like drop targets missing


i noticed the flippers are physically active outside play, although the solenoids aren't not triggered but the flippers move when we press the buttons

also, the table is a little bit too bright some contrast difference in the playfield and/or some gi illumination, don't know if it's available would be a great + :)

Thank arngrim ;) I´m glad you like it.

Thanks also for the script, I will look into this. I know I have to complete some missing things. 

Well I know about the flippers. This is my test setup. I like to test the flippers by dropping a ball in debugmode. Too lazy to start a new game everytime, so I always enabled them. Will be solenoid powered only in the release.

Yeah the GI is too bright. At the upper lanes for example. This will be my finetuning at the end.

At the moment TomTower adding the ramps, since he have much better knowledge to create them. Also some nice features will be added :)


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