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Itchigo's Table Templates

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These are my templates I use for originals, there are 4.

1 Player EM, no bonus routine

2 Player EM with bonus

4 Player EM with bonus

4 Player SS with bonus.

These are precoded templates that are very tweakable. Extraball and Special are already coded in, you just have to turn the light on and my code looks for the light being on.

I can't seem to put them up for now so here's a pic. They are also available at my site, Roguepinball.com


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Thanks for these Itchigo, Planning to look since faralos suggested VP.  I'm torn on where to develop.  I do wish there was a hybrid that blended the best of both worlds in an easy to install easy to use manner.

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vp got a whole lot easier thanks to these table templates from scratchy I mean Itchy!

His templates all have start and end game routines built into them along with neat things

like high game scoring, add a ball, tilt, specials etc...

I use his templates for all my pins

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