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Vpcabs Coming Soon To Abc's Shark Tank..... Virtual Pinball's Going Primetime!

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And so what if the price of a cab with software vs. without is the same? Or they are only adding a "service fee" to load some free software on them in the first place? They aren't actually selling other people's stuff. I don't know for sure if they put it out like that, but this is a very easy loophole that there is nothing illegal about.


What Mike said. Are they adding to the cost and charging for the software, or are they including it in the total price, with or without? Either both sides do this, or neither one does it. You're not going to win this. The reality is if they don't charge extra for it setup, then they are not charging for it. Even so if they did "charge" for it, it could be that it was the extra time for setup that was being charged for, and not the software. This goes for both sides.

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