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Star Trek (Stern 2013) Media Pack V1.2

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2 Screenshots

Includes a reproduction of the English language factory card. Also includes coinage cards, US currency only. Type and layout produced with Adobe InDesign. Image clean-up for the QR code and the Enterprise illustration used GIMP. Assembly, vectorization, and colorization to simulate print out on Solar Yellow stock in Adobe Illustrator. Also includes shotmaps extracted from the factory PDFs and dumped into a Flash container.

Horizon font by Bitstream, available at FontsMarket.com. I used this font with some skew in InDesign to create the title and added some effects in Illustrator to create a vector-based ultra high-rez wheel image.

Starfleet insignia silhouette was traced in Illustrator using a hi-rez image of a prop reproduction that is sold by away-mission.com

Klingon empire logo is from Wikipedia and modified in Illustrator.

Stern card template comes from earlier work.

Flyers - raw image extracted directly from the brochures published at sternpinball.com using xpdfbin and converted to lossless PNG using ImageMagick. I've also included the Jpeg flyer and promo images available at IPDB.org. The flyers at IPDB appears to be higher resolution than what I'm able to get from the PDFs at the Stern website.

Special thanks to to Rocky Mountain Pinball and J.M. Artés at veopixeles.com for reference images. 

I also took my own pictures at Pinballz, a great local arcade with the largest pinball collection in Texas. I used my own photos for images of the QR code and the Enterprise.

Once again, thanks to Inkochnito for hosting the factory shotmaps.

This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse. 

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