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Down and Dirty Wonder how to make BG? Lesson 1


wonder how a backglass is made for DB2S ?

If you are wondering how to make BG  I will show you the steps in making one

1..    you need to start with a picture of a BG...for ex.     s-l1600 (Small) (Small).jpg

You will start with that a pic you found on the internet or a picture you took..;)

then you have to use your favorite image program like Photoshop or gimp or what ever you use

crop it and then skew it ....make it look like a BG..

and clean up the image...and cut out snippets if you choose to..      Example of a snippet  Stampede (Stern 1977)ww.png

snippets are fun to use to give a better look for lights IMO and some guys dont like them its your choice...its your BG lol

this tut is fast cause you should have some skills with paint programs..

so basically you will spend anywhere from a hr or 2 to days making it look great :rolleyes:

quick example is one that i worked on it took 4.5 hrs to make it and clean it up...Watch the animated gif ...  stampede GIF.gif

its is fun but alot of hrs..    but nothing compared to the guys that make the awesome tables that are built and coded by great authors that spend months making a table..

so give credit / thanks  to these guy that spend so much time making this shit for you to enjoy :D        Thats what keep us making more...This is a hobby  on OUR OWN TIME.......

as you will see its no automated program lol....hrs of labor of love for pinball go into all you use and play and enjoy ....SO SAY THANKS FOR ALL THE FREE SHIT YOU DOWNLOAD B)


OK next is after you make your BG and all nice and made snippets if you wanted them not necessary .... you will need to take all that and go into the B2S Backglass Designer

That the next tut :)






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