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v.1.1 changed pallet to make colors more red and blends into the greys and whites well.

v.1.0 This is a greyscale comic style conversion of TWD LE DMD 

Lightened the shading a lot for this version, should be very visible on your virtual DMD

This is for Virtual DMD's Only.

Put the TWD_160h folder into your Altcolor folder in your vpinMAME dir.
Run the BSPatch (or gui) to patch the original rom that you have with the diff file to produce your colorized rom.
example command line:
bspatch TWD160LE.bin twd_160hc.bin twd_160h.diff
copy the twd_160hc.bin into rom folder and rename it twd_160h.bin
Put the new renamed rom in a zip folder named twd_160h.zip
change the line in your table script to point to twd_160h instead of twd_156h rom
(If you have DOF copy the twd_156h line to twd_160h line in your config.ini)
run your game.


Latest and most likely final ruleset code has many patches and enhancements over the 156 one.


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