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Lights...Camera...Action! (Gottlieb 1989) - Loading

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This video is built from the game's backglass.  The audio is a combination of samples from the game ("Lights...Camera...Action!" and the gunshot) plus some stock audio and then a famous clip from the movie "Dirty Harry".  I put the audio clips from the game through some sound processing to make them sound less mechanical and it really made the director's voice sound a lot different.  


This game's theme is meant to evoke the filming of a Dirty Harry movie of which the final sequel, "Dead Pool", had been released the previous year.  Obviously, they couldn't use Clint Eastwood's likeness without getting sued, but the setting is definitely San Francisco and it features a cop shooting at bad guys in the middle of a crowd, so it's definitely Dirty Harry.  I tried to find a clip to use from "Dead Pool," and I even sat through that terrible movie looking for something, but I came up empty.  Honestly, the only redeeming feature of that movie is that you get to see Jim Carrey get murdered.  I don't have anything against him, but it was fun to see him get eliminated in the first reel.


I also briefly considered using something from the movie "Cop" which also came out in 1988.  That movie stars James Woods and I think the cop character on the backglass actually looks a bit more like him than Clint Eastwood.  


BTW, my goal is to make videos for as many existing VPX tables that are based on real tables as possible.  If you want to see a specific table happen sooner rather than later, please look here: 


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