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Wizard of Oz - Yellow Brick Road Limited Edition Backbox Mod

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About This File

I have no idea how to file this one, so we're going to call it a "Backglass" but it's not really. Probably a Pup add-on? Hybrid? Anyway, I digress.


This is a "Yellow Brick Road Limited Edition" mod for the fan tribute to Wizard of Oz f0r VPX from a few years ago. Please do not ask for the table. 


Included in the download:


1) Backglass overlay to better match the "real life" version (my own artwork) (provided the folder as well, if you want to drop to your WoZ_original folder). I have this set to the "music" screen in my .ini file as well as the .php files.

2) Full DMD overlay to better match the theme and provide a landing spot for the UltraDMD (provided the folder as well, if you want to drop to your WoZ_original folder)

3) Custom .res file that you can modify for your own setup

4) Custom .php files that enable a backglass and full DMD overlay

5) Custom .ini file to move all PUP elements to the same space as occupied by the custom .res



Note: everyone's setup can be very different, so consider these a starting point, or someplace to check for ideas if you get stuck.


  1. Create a custom .res file using the same filename as the table
  2. Open up the backglass overlay and put it on your backglass monitor
  3. Run WOZ, modify the .res settings until the backglass is right in the "window" of the overlay. This will take several attempts at laest.
  4. Create a custom pinupplayer.ini 
    1. First, copy your existing pinupplayer.ini file somewhere else so you don't overwrite it
    2. Then run pinupplayerconfigdisplays.bat with the following changes
      1. Set the "Music" screen to the same location as your existing backglass settings; make sure it's set to "always display"
      2. Move the backglass screen to the same location as your settings in your .res file
    3. Save settings
    4. Move the pinupplayer.ini file into your woz_original PUP pack folder
    5. Move your original pinupplayer.ini file back into your PinUpSystem folder
  5. Add the modified .php files to the pup pack folder, as well as the backglass folder with the overlay in it, and the PUP_overlays folder with the DMD overlay
  6. Test the file without going into Popper and make sure the backglass and full dmd overlays work and that the backglass is properly centered. If needed, you can choose "bring form to front" in the b2s settings by right clicking on the backglass in the event that it's being hidden. If you manually modified the pup pack instead of using my .php files, make sure you set your "Music" screen to transparent.
  7. Center the DMD within the full DMD window.

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real nice thanks

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· Edited by WaRcLaWz


Boy was it a challenge to get this setup properly, but man was it worth it! This adds a much better experience to the table and gives it that professional, polished look and feel.

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